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Sinclair.Bio - Bioinformatics consulting

You bring the data. We'll bring the insight.
Let's work on a project together.

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3 Chemin des Fraisiers,
1212 Geneva,

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English - French

How we can help you

Welcome to Sinclair.Bio

We are expert bioinformaticians with years of experience in the field. We offer contract based research including bioinformatics analysis and custom software development for all type of projects.

Our clients come from academic, industrial and non-profit organizations. There, we lead projects in 'omics' based environmental monitoring, biodiversity research and ecosystem studies.

Are you an environmental scientist that plans to use DNA-based methods? Come to us, we can help you with everything from the sampling to data visualization and statistics.

We also provide bioinformatic training resources for non-experts, that can be customized for your organization's needs.



Environment monitoring

We specialize in environmental surveillance and have brought many such studies to success. Are you still relying on microscopy? Our methods could interest you, we use DNA based technologies to assess biodiversity.

Human micobiome

We can also provide our expertise in the analysis and study of human microflora samples. Data confidentiality is a priority. We specialize in both targeted metagenomics as well as shotgun metagenomics.

Custom software creation

We have a large experience in developing software for biological applications. Anything from automated analysis pipelines to novel data processing algorithms and infrastructure development.

Education and teaching

We are trained as teachers and in pedagogy. We are able to effectively transfer our skills and know-how to your team. For instance, inquire about our python course for biologists and big data.

Project management

We aim to become active scientific partners in your research starting from the study design and method validation to the result production and publication. We can help you deliver in a fast and reproducible manner.


Actually, we are ready to provide many different types of services that you could need, given our expertise extends there. Just ask us, the first dicussion is always free.

Available consultants